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Grävande reportage

Redan från programstart börjar studenterna att göra grävande reportage. 



article in the Ecologist

The water eats the land.

An investigation into the UN Environment Programme in Tanzania.

By Michaela Kozminova and Elias Arvidsson, The Ecologist, 20 August 2019.

Article in the Guardian

Israeli government accused of abandoning soldiers with PTSD.

An investigation into Israeli soldiers and lacking support for mental health problems.

By Amanda Forslund and Charlotta Lindblom, the Guardian 21 August 2019. 


Bild från Uppdrag Granskning

Violence, violations and deaths on accommodation for people with disabilities (Våld, kränkningar och dödsfall på boenden för personer med funktionsnedsättning)

An investigation into accomodations for people wtih disabilities.

Based on research by Jessica Lindbom Jämting, Uppdrag Granskning, SVT, 31 Oct 2018.


Photo from article in the Guardian

Peruvian villagers face murder and intimidation from land traffickers.

An investigation into land invaders within the Chaparrí ecological reserve in Peru.

By Rajmonda Rexhi and Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, 3 Sep 2018.

Photo from Uppdrag Granskning, SVT broadcast about surrogate mothers

The new surrogate mothers (De nya surrogatmödrarna).

An investigation into surrogate mothers on Sweden's investigative TV programme Uppdrag Granskning.

By Felicia Bredenberg, Lucas Dahlström and Liliia Makashova, Uppdrag Granskning, SVT, 19 Sep 2018. 

Picture from MOT broadcast about environmental pollution

The number one in the environment (Ympäristön ykkönen).

An investigation into environmental pollution. Broadcast on Finland's investigative TV programme MOT.

By Kaisu Suopanki, MOT, Yle, 17 Sep 2018.

Photo from ETC article about Palestinian plights 

Luai has to leave Sweden - but can not (Luai måste lämna Sverige – men kan inte).

A short investigation of the plight of Palestinian refugees in Sweden, published in ETC.

By Pernilla Stammler Jaliff, ETC, 9 Nov 2017.


Article about Louis Vuitton 

Revealed: the Romanian site where Louis Vuitton makes its Italian shoes.

All but the soles of the luxury brand’s footwear are made in Transylvania before being ‘finished’ in Italy and France.

By Alexandra Lembke, The Guardian, 2017.

Article in Left

Se anche la Svezia fa finta di non vedere. (Även om Sverige låtsas att inte se det).

Left – by Joshua Evangelista, 2017.

Report in SVT

Kommungranskarna: Sigtuna kommun – en segregerad kommun med hårda anklagelser om vänskapskorruption.

SVT – By Jazz Munteanu (and Linda Haglund), 2017.

Video on RISE

The Murder Business. A criminal business led by a policeman ended up with a murder.

RISE Moldova – By Dima Stoianov, 2017.

Article in Vice

Killen som utmanar Systemet.

VICE – By Joshua Worth and Nicholas Thomas, 2017.

Article in Financial Times

The Future of Regulation. Sweden’s strict controls drive ‘booze-cruise’ economy.

The Financial Times – By Joshua Worth and Nicholas Thomas, 2017.

Article in The Local

Gákti and Instagram: how Oslo's young Sámis face tradition and urban life.

The Local – By Hanna Tuulonen, 2017.

Picture of nurse

Gender War(t)s. HPV virus does not discriminate boys, the Swedish vaccine system does.

Course Assignment – By Ana Veskovic and Karin Johansson, 2017.

Article about the Canary Island

Trouble in paradise: the Canary Island beach accused of illegally importing sand.

The Guardian – By Anders Lundqvist and Rowan Bauer, 2017.

Picture of rhino

Asian demand surge feared as rhino horn auctions resume.

Nikkei Asian Review – By Laurine Croes, 2017.


Church quintuples the real cost of Swedes' burials (new window)Church quintuples the real cost of Swedes' burials

Atheists reject to fund the organization through tax billions

By Karin Johansson and Ana Veskovic, 2016

Filmed productions

Swedish roads - full of illegal billboards!

By Dima Stoianov
October 2016

Publicerad 2016-12-20

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